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Welcome to Red-Line Electric and FIRE Alarm Systems

Welcome to Red-Line Electric and FIRE Alarm SystemsWelcome to Red-Line Electric and FIRE Alarm Systems

HVAC Electrical Services

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Redline Electric Company provides the service of professional technicians with industry expertise & service to ensure a comprehensive repair strategy in tune with your needs for today as well as your plans for tomorrow.  From the most routine preventative maintenance task of changing filters to chiller overhauls and complete HVAC system retrofits, we provide a full array of mechanical services. Our service strategies feature a reliability centered maintenance approach that uses predictive technologies to monitor equipment, gather and analyze data, forecast failure and determine the root cause of existing equipment conditions. Using predictive technologies to drive maintenance is critical to optimizing facility performance.

A centrifugal chiller is typically the single largest consumer of energy in today’s commercial buildings. You can reduce your chillers energy usage by installing a solid-state variable frequency drive. Since most chillers operate at part load demand 99% of the time, your energy savings with a VFD can be significant, up to 30% annually. Additionally, a VFD may qualify for local utility rebates for even more savings.

Reduce Energy Cost and Consumption

Reducing part load power consumption on your chiller is the key to energy efficiency and cost savings. Power consumption for a chiller is typically measured in kilowatts per ton (KW/ton). Reducing this ratio leads you to serious cost savings from your power utility provider, and also plays a part in reducing your footprint on the environment.

Improved Reliability

The “soft start” provided by a VFD results in less stress on compressor motor, gears and electrical components than a traditional Wye-Delta or solid-state motor starter. Superior protection of the compressor motor can result in improved reliability and longer equipment life.

OEM Training:

McQuay Centrifugal Operating and Maintenance, York International LBA class, Optiview Panel Class, Latitude Chiller Class With our maintenance program you will benefit from our ability to:

  • Evaluate issues quickly and/or resolve them faster
  • Show upcoming maintenance needs
  • Helping you forecast budgets for them
  • Enabling maintenance based on actual site requirements
  • Reducing issues that may result in equipment failure and  the associated downtime

Services include:

  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Boiler Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Centrifugal, Absorption, Rotary and Reciprocating Chillers
  • Coil Cleaning and Replacement
  • Cooling Towers
  • Refrigerant Conversions
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Increased equipment life
  • Scheduled vs. unscheduled downtime
  • Elimination of equipment failures
  • Overall operational savings Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved productivity/efficiency
  • Identification and prioritization of equipment critical to facility performance and achievement
  • Asset Protection
  • Technology Advancement
  • Single Source Accountability
  • Energy & Operational Savings 
  • Systems Integration & Migration
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Commission, Install and Maintain all McQuay large tonnage equipment not limited to other O.E.M.
  • Service, commission, maintain and upgrade industrial chillers including auxiliary components. York, Carrier proficient.
  • Steam Turbine experience from seasonal scheduled maintenance to complex component repairs. Murray (Dresser-Rand), Elliott (Ebara Group), Worthington
  • OEM Representation for Johnson Controls during repairs and installs.
  • Modifying and upgrading existing equipment, VFD driveline  retrofits.
  • Rotating machinery alignments and component inspections.
  • Proficient with York’s Millennium, Optiview panels, TMII VSD starters, Viper drive starters and SSS starters.
  • ABB VFD starter installs,  commissioning and third party  integration.
  • Oil circuit modifications and upgrades for steam driven  drivelines.
  • Overhaul and maintain steam driven turbines and open drive compressors. Carrier, York, McQuay, Worthington and TraneOil driven governor system retrofits. Oil circuit system upgrades.
  • Initial Alignment and doweling of drivelines
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on HVAC chillers as per OEM specifications.
  • Serviced Murray, Elliott, Terry, Worthington steam turbines
  • Serviced Carrier vintage 17m and 19da Compressors. Serviced Chrysler air-temp compressors.
  • Experience with Woodward peak150 governor and upgrades.
  • Responsible for day-to-day operations of electrical/mechanical climate control and physical plant    machinery.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance and repair of aforementioned equipment
  • Keep up day-to-day log and records of facilities equipment.